Welcome to @apple. Tag #ShotoniPhone to take part. 

Apple launched its first ever IG account by dedicating it to the perspectives and creativity of people around the world.

The account has been recognized by both Cannes and the One Show. The video below explains the whole thing. 

We made a big deal out of the launch -- celebrating 38 uniquely creative iPhone users by crafting 38 bespoke films with their photos, videos, and VO -- which we sourced from interviews we conducted ourselves. We called this The Launch Grid. 

The Launch Grid was centered around the film below, our intention for the account said in the words of the community. 


Below are a handful of my favorite people featured in the launch. The rest can be found on @apple. Just scroll alllll the way to the bottom. 

by Kathy R. - Director of photography at NYT

by Jenn Z. - Cowgirl 

by Laura Z. - Lover of pools

by Mirabai M. - Beekeeper 

by Jess R. - Dog groomer

by Hannah R. - Nanny and subway rider




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