Each of the following manifestos inspired work that was either bought by the client or that won me a free trip somewhere. 



EveryoneOn is a national non-profit that provides low-income families with affordable internet.

This manifesto inspired EveryoneOn’s "Bring Curiosity Home" campaign, a campaign that was created over the summer by the Martin Agency Kitchen. We came up with the concept, developed the treatment, and wrote many, many voice overs (may they rest in peace.)   


The Nuclear Competition

Last fall, the VCU School of Engineering and the US Department of Energy asked the Brandcenter to help rebrand nuclear energy.

A few teams took up the challenge, and the winning team got to go to SXSW. I had a lot of fun in Austin.

Our brand was "nuclear is," a platform that invites opinions about nuclear power and then provides the facts, allowing for complete transparency within the nuclear power debate.

The manifesto was inspired by the fact that 30% of our electricity already comes from nuclear power.

Nuclear is completely normal. 


On the website, all sides of the nuclear debate can be explored. "Nuclear is warheads" is next to "nuclear is recyclable." Which is funny, because 10% of electricity actually comes from recycled nuclear bombs. Most of those bombs come from Russia. 


The American Institute of Architecture 

Architecture is a declining profession. We were told to fix it. 

Also, we were told to build and brand an app for emerging professionals within the field. 

Our campaign platform and interface were picked by the client, and AIA Kinetic is launching this spring. 

Having majored in architectural history, this was a project I was particularly passionate about.